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In this blog, we not only write informative articles but also share stories related to mental health. These stories actually give an insight into the person who is suffering from mental illness. You have are a mental health professional, you can write informative articles for our blog. However, even if you don’t have any background in mental health, you can still write for us. You can share stories of your closed ones who have been suffering from mental illness.


  • You should write the articles and stories in a friendly tone.
  • If you include any medical terms, please make sure you give a proper explanation so that readers of all ages can understand.
  • Include a photo with your post.
  • You can also submit relevant a video with the content.
  • You must write a short bio about yourself and include a photo.
  • We don’t accept any previously published blog posts.
  • Please check for plagiarism and grammatical errors before submitting your writing.

Please note that we edit your stories and articles if necessary following our editorial guidelines. If there is any significant change then we will notify you. After you submit your writing, there is no guarantee that it will be accepted. It will be the decision of our review team to decide whether the article will be published or not. We would really appreciate your contribution to our blog.