4 Reasons Why People Tend To Be Suicidal

If you have lost a family member or a friend to suicide or you have seen someone attempting suicide, then you will realize how devastating the experience can be. We read in newspapers of people committing suicide. We often blame them to be weak and mentally ill, but little do we think of why these people take such an evil step. Here are the major reasons why people tend to be suicidal.

Mental illness

People with mental illnesses have to go through therapies and take psychiatric drugs. If they withdraw their medication, they become anxious or depressed. Patients having bipolar disorder or schizophrenia are at high risk of committing suicide.


According to a survey, about 90% people commit suicide due to depression. People often suffer from depression due to unemployment, lack of money, relationship problems, etc. which can lead them to suicide. Anxiety is strongly linked to depression and can have a similar impact.

Traumatic experience

When people have any traumatic experience, they feel guilty and helpless. For example, after a sexual abuse or physical abuse people go through periods of depression. This can lead people to commit suicide.


It is one of the most common cause of suicide among teenagers. The rate at which school goers are committing suicide due to bullying at school is very alarming. Those who are victims feel worthless, hopeless and distressed. They get the impression that they are good for nothing; so they take their own lives.

Suicide creates a long-lasting damage to the family of the victim. It sometimes becomes impossible to come to terms with the situation. If you feel depressed yourself or see someone going through a hard time then seek help immediately. You shouldn’t take your emotional condition lightly; these might have severe consequences later on.